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SCL NY Seminar: Sound Design Workshop

The SCL in NY Presents:



(Composer and SCL NY Steering Committee Member)


Thursday, November 19th, 2015
7:00PM to 9:00PM
Center for Remembering
123 4th Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10003
Contemporary composition for all media often entails various levels of sound design, with most composers learning how to incorporate exciting musical and non-musical elements into their scores through trial and error. This SCL in NY Seminar brings together two highly successful and knowledgeable contemporary composers who specialize in sound design composition for their clients. Composers Bill Stankay and Morgan Inman will focus on the "how, where and why" of sound design--by showing real-life examples with direct application to current composition. Detailed examples and an extensive question-and-answer session is slated to bring your composition skills into sharp focus for today's writing environment. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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The Society of Composers and Lyricists Seminar: Sound Design Workshop - Morgan Inman Morgan Inman  is a New York City-based Sound Designer, Producer, Electronic Musician, and Filmmaker.  While studying film at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Morgan became fascinated by sound for motion picture.  He cut his teeth at Buttons Sound before moving on to Chief Engineer and Creative Director positions at WK Studios and Man Made Music.  He currently works independently providing audio post services to both traditional and new media.
Morgan is passionate about creating art regardless of the medium.  While his roots are planted in sound for film and television, Morgan now also creates sounds for interactive media, video games, and live spaces.  His iconic sound design can be heard everywhere from the phone in your pocket to the massive sound system of the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium.
Morgan enjoys working independently and in collaboration with design teams and larger firms, and his experiences as a collaborator have led him to new styles and approaches in sound and production.  Morgan has provided professional post audio services for a diverse array of clients that includes HBO, 4Kids Entertainment, CBS News, Chase Bank, AT&T, IntenseLife Games, LiquidNet, Comcast, Microsoft, and many independent filmmakers.  He was awarded a PromaxBDA award for his sound design work on Discovery Channel’s “Critical Hour” and his feature film sound design includes the Sundance Official Selection “Moonshine”.  In addition to his work as a sound designer, Morgan also makes electronic music and short films.
The Society of Composers and Lyricists Seminar: Sound Design Workshop - Bill Stankay Bill Stankay  is a composer, performer & sound designer specializing in atmospheric music production.
His music flows into multiple streams, utilizing innovative sound architecture to shape the sonic landscapes in his work. In late 2011, he launched his company Sunfall Records, releasing the debut EP "Prelude to Sunfall" through his own private label. As his projects evolved, Bill began to develop Sunfall into an innovative production company offering a variety of services to new & established artists, filmmakers, gaming companies, theater productions and trailer houses in the film & new media industries. 
In the summer of 2012, Bill traveled to the Arctic region of Svalbard to develop Earthtones, an environmentally-inspired music experience featuring the mysterious sounds of the Arctic wildlife seamlessly blended with his own musical interpretation of the remote archipelago. In 2013, Bill was awarded with an Artist Opportunity Grant from the Pittsburgh Arts Council to help fund the release of the debut "Earthtones" album. He debuted the project for the first time in a live setting at the Oaks Theater in April of 2015, performing in front of a dynamic visual show featuring drone footage of Svalbard glacier regions shot by photographer Peter Cox; timelapse & wildlife footage created by Witek Kaszkin, shot at the Polar Station in Hornsund; visual contributions from Polar Bears International and excerpts from the lectures of glaciologist Doug Benn & bear specialist Rupert Pilkington. He followed his performance with a trip to the South Coastal region of Alaska in May of 2015 to continue his expansion of the Earthtones experience. 
His recent composing work includes productions for Quantum Theatre, fashion designer Deborah Lindquist & adventure filmmaker Danny Strasser. He also completed original scores for director Jared Passante's "Pass Me By" and Talia Shea Levin's "All-Sight". He is currently scoring the feature film "A Fancy Piece of Homicide", directed by Joseph Varhola & starring Bingo O'Malley & Mark Tierno.


The Society of Composers and Lyricists Seminar: Sound Design Workshop - Mark Roos Mark Roos  
Mark Roos was raised abroad in Vienna, Salzburg and France and grew up as a huge fan of classical music. A classically trained pianist and guitarist, Mark turned towards music as a way of connecting; "Connecting with myself, with others and with the world around me." His teens and mid-twenties were filled with the usual rock and roll band aspirations, but as he got older, he returned to classical and symphonic music. It was then that he discovered his supreme talent for creating music in film/T.V. to connect the viewers with the director's vision as well as their own hopes, dreams and even fears.
Mark Roos lives to connect the viewing audience with the message that is being conveyed on the screen in the most powerful way known to man- through music. His mediums of specialty include computer games, full-feature and documentary films, television programs, radio and custom music production. He successfully delivers high quality scores for such companies as Microsoft Xbox, Discovery Channel, Delta Airlines, Honda, U.S. Air Force, United Way, MSNBC, Eastman-Kodak, 3Com and many others.
7 Award Wins, 1 Nomination
Hollywood Music in Media Nomination, Best Score: "Michael Port Think Big Revolution"
Garden State Film Festival, Best Musical Score: "God's Square Mile"
Student Academy Award, Best Musical Score: "The Vermeer's"
American Advertising Federation ADDY, Best Musical Score: "Iomega Zip Disc”
Utah Broadcasters Association, Best Musical Score: "The Spear and The Lion: The British Zulu War"
Utah Broadcasters Association: Best Musical Score, "Wing and A Prayer: The Saga Of 'Utah Man'"
Emmy Award, Best Musical Score, "Wing and a Prayer: The Saga of ‘Utah Man'”
America's Freedom Festival at Provo: Best Score, "Let Freedom Ring"

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