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Gernot Wolfgang's CD PASSING THROUGH gets rave reviews

 Every so often, a recording comes along that is really off the beaten path … so far off, in fact, that it seems to create its own genre … Wolfgang’s music is not just jazz music with a little more form, or classical music that swings. He has found a way to completely blend the two types of music in such a way that there is no real delineation between them … he has created a sound world in which one enters and leaves jazz influence as other composers have used indigenous folk music (a la Bartok, Kodaly or Prokofiev) … a beautiful and deeply moving listening experience.” 
Lynn Rene Bayley, The Art Music Lounge

“There is a depth to this work [String Theory] that is really quite engaging, and convinces me that Wolfgang is a master composer with important things to communicate to his listeners … Wolfgang has a distinctive voice, and one that is truly worth hearing.” 
David DeBoor Canfield, Fanfare

“Gernot Wolfgang’s new recording Passing Through is as thoughtful and entertaining as any 21st century music I’ve heard this year. Wolfgang’s experience as a film composer and arranger has given him a facility with open, emotional music, a variety of instrumental colours, and melodies – whether film-shorthand leitmotifs or longer folk- and pop-inspired tunes – that linger in the memory … today’s classical music is invigorated and made more relevant by the scene-painting, emotional nudging and character-shading work done in the Hollywood studios. This gives us a much richer musical eco-system, enriched by so many streams, to engage so many more people. This new album is a grand example of this richness.” - 
Dean Frey, Music for Several Instruments

“Performances on the album are truly superb—these are some of LA’s fines studio and concert musicians.  The sound is well-balanced for both the more intimate works as well as those that add in piano and expand the palette.  These are all engaging chamber pieces well worth the time of those interested in exploring some very accessible chamber music.”
Steven A. Kennedy, Cinemusical

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