GameSoundCon Game Audio Industry Survey 2014

This 13-question survey ran from July 29 to August 13, 2014 and was promoted heavily via social media and other game or music industry web sites. The report focuses on:

1/ Compensation
2/ Work and Environment
3/ Additional Compensation (Bonuses/Royalties)
4/ Use of Live Musicians & Middleware
5/ Contract Terms & PROs

Among the findings:

Game Music and Sound is predominently a freelance gig (60%)
Game Music is overwhelmingly "Work for Hire (95%)
Average Salary (employee): $70,532*
Average "AAA" per project fee: $76,822**
Average Indy/Casual per project fee: $9,830**
Game Audio is overwhelmingly male (96%)
Most game composers also deliver SFX
"per unit" royalties rare (<2%)
Game Soundtrack clauses are rare
Even in "large budget games," most music is 'mostly virtual' (54%)

Download the full report here.

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