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Catherine Mazerand : A different type of music

Working for some years in developing a different style of music.  The style is evolving to what one could qualify as New Impressionism.

The latest album progressing into this style was released on the 10th of Feb, 2017. It is called New Impressionism .

Now working on a new album even more moving to that different type of style. 

This style is not so different as to disinterest someone listening to it.

The one piece moving toward this style that I released a number of years ago and that has been the most listened to is called " The Art of Flight ".

This piece is built in a different way than regular classic or modern pieces.  Another peculiarity would also be that one group of instruments represents the environment ( in this case mountains ) and another completely different sounding instrument is used to represent a skier.

The currently being worked on album is covering new sounds with the use of synthesizers.  No release date has yet been established for this one.

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