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Christine Hals



Composer, Lyricist, Songwriter, Vocalist


Frozen (featured soloist score, lyricist) 2013
Stellar 2015
The Pilot Fish's Tale 2015
Ba 2015
One More Day 2014
Seagull City 2014
Luna 2014
Aero 2014
The Golden Thread 2014
Rue's Eden 2014
Seal Team 8 (additional music) 2014
The Drowned Man 2013
Bin Tere 2013
Formaldehyde 2013
the Swedish King 2012 (Academy Award nominee)
the Stateless 2012
Beyond Hope, I Still Won?t Give Up 2011
Next Door Letters 2011
I want it all 2011

And many more

Scandinavian film composer with unique Nordic sound. With the world as her canvas Christine has traveled and lived in many countries and picked up different musical languages on her way. Very diverse composer with many colors and brushes in her tool box.

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