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Massimo Sammi



Arranger, Composer, Conductor, Musician, Orchestrator


Zeroes (Webseries, directed by Keryn Gibson) - Clay Bell Productions

Jonah's Journey - (short, directed by Katherine Niemczyk)

The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time - (short, directed by Kristopher M. Satchell) - Heir Films
Jamie's Got a Gun - (short, directed by James Popiden) - James Popiden Production

Togetherness - (short, directed by Paul Elliston)

Which is Witch - (short, directed by Paul Elliston)

From Tunisia to Syria - (short, directed by Rami Ayari)

The Meeting - (video, directed by Matt Snead) - Standard Issue Co

Gentlemen Explorers - (directed by Matt Snead) - Standard Issue Co

A Dream Deferred - (short, directed by Carolina Moreno)

Reaching Up - (short, directed by Kami Dimitrova)

Arguing Over America - (short)

StayCation - (video, directed by Matt Snead) - Standard Issue Co

Something Better - (short, directed by Kevin Tran)

Body & Soul - (short, directed by James Pillion)

Hunter & the Swan Discuss Their Meeting - (short, directed by Emily Carmichael) - Josh Hetzler Productions

Reckless - (video, directed by Matt Snead) - Standard Issue Co

Aced - (short, directed by Alexander Grant Taussig)

Written in Stone - (directed by Daniel Gaucher)

KingBreaker - (directed by Matt Snead) - Standard Issue Co

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