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Jeremy Nathan Tisser



Composer, Conductor, Songwriter, Orchestrator


Actor For Hire (feature length Dramedy)
? Tell Me About It, Wendy! (scored AFM)
? Shoot The Saxophone Player (Score Performed by the
Late Night Jazz Orchestra)
? V aliant (Scored AFM)
? Microeconomics
? Tailypo
? Mischief Night (After Dark Pictures)
? If Attacked
? Love & Zombies
? Adventure, WI
? Encore
? Out-Sorcery
? Veneers of Vanity
? Cat Runner
? Wild Skies
? Zombies on the Holodeck
? Project Holodeck (Audio Director/Composer)
? ZombieSC (Award Winning)
? Tricklab (Award Winning)
? Anykey
? Shayd
? V oodoo (For Orchestra)
? ?Endeavour: To the Stars and Back...? (Fanfare for
brass and wind ensemble to honor the Space Shuttle
? ?Nations of the World? (Sonata for Flute and Harp
? rePlay: Symphony of Heroes Concert, Los Angeles Anime Expo 2014 (music arranger)
? Television Academy presents: ?Score!? (Associate Producer for the concert)
? Disney?s ?Oswald the Rabbit in Hungry Hobo?s? (Performed live by LA Chamber Orchestra)
? Walt Disney?s ?Get A Horse!? (2014 Oscar Nominated animation short)
? ?We Are Light? Concert arrangement for Brian Stokes Mitchell (arranged by Mark Watters)
? Mickey?s Very Merry Christmas Party (Walt Disney World Christmas advertisement)
? Disney?s Pixar In Concert ? Monster?s University (orchestrator)
? Disney?s ?Timon and Puumba?s Wild About Safety: On The Go? (additional music)
? Disney?s ?Timon and Puumba?s Wild About Safety: Honest & Real?
? Congratulations, Josh (Music Supervisor)
? Gatchaman (Lead Orchestrator)
? Gallow?s Hill
? Beware the Batman
? Five Thirteen
? The Advocate
? Justice League: Flasphoint Paradox (music prep) ? Green Lantern: The Animated Series
? Arachnoquake (Songwriter ? ?Battle Armour") ? The Advocate
? Los Traficantes
? True Bloodthirst
? Lake Placid 4
? Company of Heroes (movie)
? Escape from Planet Earth (Uncredited)
? Funf Freunde (Uncredited)
? ?A Warrior?s Odyssey? Album by Penka Kouneva
(Percussion Recording Engineer)
? Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniversary Soundtrack release
? ?Champion? ? Terrence Blanchard?s opera (Music
Preparation ? uncredited)
? Arrested Development (Music Preparation ? uncredited
? 1 episode)
? Dragon Age 2 Video Game (Composer?s Assistant ?
? Project: Life (Music Editor)
? Something?s Gonna Live (Composer?s Assistant) ? Ladies Knight (Score Supervisor)

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