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Gregory Nicolett

345 N Louise St
Glendale, CA 91206






Smallville: The Ultimate Fan Documentary (Warner Bros) 2007

International Truck Corp’s MXT (MaryAnn TV / DDB) 2007

St. Vincents Hospital Spot (Twitch Films) 2007

Light: The Father Jay Documentary (Twitch Films) 2006

Smallville: The Vengeance Chronicles (Warner Bros) 2006

Smallville: 100th Episode Special (Warner Bros) 2006

Dare to Dream: The Story of Woman’s Soccer in the US (HBO) 2005

You Write Better Than You Play: The Best of Frank Deford (ESPN Classic) 2005 2003

Legendary Nights (HBO) 2002 * EMMY WINNER


Suck (dir. Ben Ketai, 2007)

2nd de Noviembre (dir. Cezil Reed, 2007)

The Lycanthrope (dir. Lucas Peltonen, 2007)

The Small Assassin (dir. Chris Charles, 2007)

John (dir. Cezil Reed, 2006)

Above and Beneath (Sundance / Toronto; (dir. Rene Alberta, 2004)

Freamerate (dir. Andrew Laurich, 2004)


International Truck and Engine Corp –

The MXT (DDB Chicago, 2007)

St. Vincents Hospital (Twitch Films) 2006

Mariani Fruit Company Promotional

Package (Retrofit Films, 2006)

Blackhawk AUSA Conference Themes (Mark
Caswell, Sikorsky Aircraft, 2005)


Armageddon Empires (Intelliwave Software, 2007)

Solitaire Around the World (Inertia Software, 2007)

Mahjong! (Intertia Software, 2007)

The Great Wall of Words (Inertia Software, 2007)

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