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David Lopez Tichy


Composer, Midi Programmer, Musician, Producer, Synthestrator

The Stuntman
Solo Album (2011)

The Dream From Which One Cannot Wake
Solo Album (2010)

An Act Of Revenge
Short Film / Action
Director: Kenneth Quitugua

One Life At A Time
Director: Vincenzo Giammanco

The Lure
Short Film / Horror
Director: Kristian Alexander

The Third Wheel
Short Film / Suspense
Director: James R. Johnson

Short Film / Animated
Director: Lex Piciucco

Same Time Next Week
Short Film / Mockumentary
Director: Chris McGuire

Short Film / Drama
Director: Vincenzo Giammanco

The Method
Short Film / Drama
Director: Chad Dollarhide

Feng Shui
Short Film / Comedy
Director: Stephen Connell

Working Out
Short Film / Drama
Director: Michael Velasquez

Below The Belt
Short Film / Comedy
Director: Michael Velasquez

30-second promo
Director: Michael Velasquez

Short Film / Documentary
Director: Julian Llamas

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