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Joel Beckerman




Theme and Underscores - Double Agents - Discovery Channel

Theme - Place of Our Own - PBS

Theme Package - Rally Round The House - Discovery Channel

Theme Package - ESPN/ABC X-GAMES

Theme and Promotion Package - Surprised by Design - Discovery Channel

Theme Package - Hard Ball, Countdown, Scarborough Country, and The Abrams Report - MSNBC

Theme - D Day Special - MSNBC

Theme - The Big Lie Special - CNBC

Selected Underscores - Malcolm in the Middle - Fox

Theme Package - Jetix - ABC Cable

Selected Show Underscores - The Sopranos - HBO

Selected Underscores and Promotion - The Dead Zone - USA Network

Theme and Show Package - Katie Couric Specials - NBC

Theme and Promotion Package - On the Inside - Discovery Channel

Theme and Bumpers - CBS The Early Show and The Saturday Early Show - 50th Anniversary Special, NBC Meet the Press

Theme and Promotion Package - The Chris Matthews Show - NBC

Show Package - Superbowl XXXIII - Fox Sports

International Identity Package - Fox Broadcasting

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