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Sidney James

ph: 323-309-7290




Selected Credits:'Driven'[Composer], 'Strange Fruit' [Composer score and songs, Fencesitter Films]; 'Glory Road' [Arranger/Composer Additional Music]'Romy and Michele: In the Beginning' [Composer original songs, Song producer/Arranger, Production Music Supervision, ABC/Disney]; 'Selena' [Music Supervisor, Song Producer, Composed Additional Music, Warner Bros.]; 'Sugartime' [Composer, Song Producer, Music Supervisor, HBO]; 'The Princess Diaries' [Composed Additional Music, Song Producer/Arranger, Disney]; 'Marked for Murder' [Composer, Fountainhead Films]; 'Remember the Titans' [Composer Additional Music], 'Knock Out' [ Composer, score and songs, Renegade Productions]; 'The Little Richard Story' [Composer Additional Music, Song Producer/Arranger, Fox / NBC]; Music included in: 'Ed', Smallville', Max Keeble's Big Move', 'George of the Jungle 2', 'Malcolm in the Middle', Sex and the City', 'The Other Sister',.

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Sidney James


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