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"Sons Lancinants" (Throbbing Sounds) 2010

Composed by Julia Pajot

For flute, clarinet, violin, piano
played at London RAM.
Lu Du flute, Scott Lygate clarinet, Midori Komachi violin, David Gray, piano, Daniel McCallum conductor.

Won silver JULY 2015 Global Music Award for its composition.

Comfortable feeling, medium range. Progressively getting lower or higher, depending of the physical feelings depicted (high for pain and low for loss of gravity). The triggers of those are recurrent apparitions of sounds, alternatively high then low, in short stimuli. These sounds are progressively louder and more intense and complex, leading to a range of reactions, including oscillating medium rings and low vibrations, as well as subjective and visual movements (drops in dynamics and registers and spinning notes around the instruments, retrospectively).

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