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I was a saddened to learn of the passing of our SCL Ambassador, Jack Hayes. Without Jack, the body of work left behind by many of our luminaries, past and present, would be lacking many of the essential qualities that makes it what it is. We marvel at the magic that Jack so seamlessly brought to the scores with his unmistakable orchestrations. My personal experience with Jack’s music goes back to my work at Paramount Studios in the early eighties, where Jack was active in many of the successful series from that era. Jack’s craft became immediately apparent to me, with his masterful orchestrations and the lively spirit embodied in his original compositions that are still playing to this day.

Just a small sampling of his amazing work as an orchestrator spans the history of cinema over the last 60 years. The Natural, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Gun Fight at the OK Corral, The Comancheros, Riverboat, Donovan’s Reef, Hawaii, Casino Royale and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The list of composers that he has worked with are too numerous to mention, but just a few were Burt Bacharach, Elmer Bernstein, Marvin Hamlisch, Quincy Jones, Michael Kamen, Henry Mancini, John Morris, Alfred Newman, Randy Newman and Lalo Schifrin.

As a composer for television, Jack composed the scores for such favorites as The Virginian and Quincy. He received an Oscar nomination for his musical adaptation of The Unsinkable Molly Brown and for his work on The Color Purple.

Michael Giacchino incorporated Jack’s magic into many of his scores including the Oscar nominated Ratatouille, the Incredibles and the Oscar winner, Up. Both Michael and Tim Simonec were instrumental in keeping Jack active into the final years of his life, letting him do what he did best. I am proud that the SCL recognized Jack in 2009 and we were able to celebrate his remarkable career.



As I am sure that many of you are aware, our beloved friend and orchestrator Jack Hayes has passed away.

Rarely in life are you given the opportunity to learn from a true master. Jack not only demonstrated a mastery of his craft, but also showed us the qualities of a true gentleman.  He unknowingly and unselfishly always gave us something to aspire to not only in art, but in life as well.

I am proud to have worked with him for the past 8 years, and I know I speak for us all when I say that I will miss the generosity and the incredible spirit that followed him into the room every time he entered.

Working into his 90's, he never lost his love of music and was a prime example of "do what you love".

Goodbye Jack.  Wherever you are now, I am sure it sounds beautiful.

If you'd like to review a bit of what Jack accomplished in his work life (he had quite an accomplished personal life as well), have a look at the link below.



To my friend, Jack Hayes…

Jack Hayes was a musical talent, unparalleled in his profession. He was a gracious human being, a loving husband and father. He loved a good joke, had a great giggle and always had a twinkle in his eye. To me, he was an inspiring mentor and a dear friend.

I first met Jack at one of his favorite places – the California Yacht Club. I will always be grateful to Dan and Gay Wallin for arranging that luncheon. It was the prelude to our eight year friendship, a time period in which I was allowed to observe and learn from the master.

As we chatted during lunch, I realized, at 84, Jack was still eager to work. He even joked that since he hadn’t worked for several years, he might die of the shock if he got the call! This was a dream come true for me. I was in the presence of my orchestrating hero, about to hire him for a gig!! I was so happy to be able to tell him the call would be coming to work on THE INCREDIBLES.  I was anxious to tell Michael Giacchino, who’s a lover of film music and its’ history, about Jack. As the composer of THE INCREDIBLES, he was as thrilled as I was to add Jack to the team.

I learned so much from Jack about orchestrating. One of the defining moments was on the first run-through of the first cue he orchestrated for us. The music played down so naturally and effortlessly. Every orchestral part laid so naturally and beautifully on the instrument that even the first take was magnificent.

There is a moment in RATATOUILLE when Remi, the rat, ascends to a height at which he views Paris for the first time. At that moment, you hear vintage Jack Hayes. It brought tears to my eyes as I conducted the first run-through, and that beautiful cue has had the same effect on me ever since. As with Remi in that scene, Jack’s music ascended to heights that we, as orchestrators, can only aspire to.

Another fond memory of Jack was his presence in the booth at the recording sessions. Although he had done thousands of orchestrations in his storied career, he approached each new orchestration with enthusiasm and excitement. It was as if it was his first gig! And to see the seasoned musicians gather around Jack – showing him their great respect, admiration and love – was a joy to behold.

This brings me to the most important lessons he taught me – to be humble, to have a gracious spirit and to have a true love of the craft and all those who work with you.

My friend, you will be sorely missed. And as you sail through the celestials, sipping your Rob Roy and enjoying beautiful music, we say to you, as you would say to us…   TA DAH!!!!!!    Tim Simonec



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