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SCL Screening 25th HOUR with Terence Blanchard

Event: SCL Screening 25th HOUR with Terence Blanchard
Date: January 22, 2003

The SCL invites each member and two guests to attend an exciting evening on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003, beginning with a full-length screening of "25th houR," made available by Touchstone Pictures. Following the screening, Terence Blanchard will discuss his score for the film, including a question & answer segment, moderated by Lorraine Feather.

TERENCE BLANCHARD (Composer) has written music for over 25 films, half of which were for Spike Lee, including "Bamboozled," "Summer of Sam," "Malcolm X," and Lee's Oscar nominated documentary "4 Little Girls." He also scored the music to the Emmy-nominated documentary "The Promised Land" and Kasi Lemmons' "Eve's Bayou." He has recorded 11 albums under his own name, is a multi-Grammy nominee, and has been honored with Down Beats Artist of the Year award, Trumpeter of the Year, and Album of the Year. Along with film and television scoring, he is a jazz musician, successfully juggling touring with his band with outside projects. Blanchard's score in "25th houR" was recorded using a team of 80 symphonic musicians with extra brass plus a jazz band, wordless Arabic vocals and percussion, Irish pipes, all creating haunting textures to the post-9/11 Manhattan soundscape.

Lyricist/jazz singer Lorraine Feather (Moderator) has written lyrics to songs for countless jazz albums, and has received seven Emmy nominations. Her last album as soloist was New York City Drag, featuring her lyrics to Fats Wallers' piano solos. She is the daughter of jazz writer Leonard Feather and the god daughter of Billie Holiday.

In 25th houR, the clock is ticking on Monty Brogan's (Edward Norton) freedom - in 24 hours, he goes to prison for seven long years. Once a king of Manhattan, Monty is about to say goodbye to the life he knew - a life that opened doors to New York's swankiest clubs, but also alienated him from the people closest o him. In his last day n the outside, Monty tries to reconnect ith this father (Brian Cox), and gets together with his two closest friends from the old days, Jacob (Philip Seymour) and Slaughtery (Barry Pepper). Also in the mix is his girlfriend, Naturelle (Rosario Dawson), who might (or might not) have been the one that tipped off the cops. Monty' not sure of much these days, but with time running out, there are choices to be made. Directed by Spike Lee from a screenplay by David Benioff based on his novel. Rated R for strong language and some violence.

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