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NY Mentor Program


THE SCL in NY MENTOR PROGRAM is designed for entry-level SCL Associate Member composers who are based in New York.


"It was really encouraging to connect with working composers, especially since they all had very different paths into the industry. I loved meeting everyone and learning how they started out."
- Erin Tompkins, Spring 2015

"I genuinely appreciated the camaraderie, the social circle of young composers in NYC being built. I loved the workshops where I gained some awesome knowledge. The connections I made with the staff were most important for me." - Alex Britten, Fall 2014



APPLICATION DEADLINE : Applications for the Fall 2017 Term MUST received via the LINK BELOW by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th, 2017, 11:00 PM EDT.

ELIGIBILITY: Non SCL-members are welcome to apply. However, qualification for admission to the program requires that the applicant be a current SCL Associate Member (participants may join upon acceptance to the program) without the credits necessary to qualify for Full membership in the SCL. Participants must reside local to New York City throughout the semester. Applicants who pay at the SCL Associate Member level, but actually qualify for the Full Member level will be considered INELIGIBLE.

No campaigning or soliciting by or on behalf of the applicants is permitted.

All SCL in NY Mentorship Program activities take place in the New York City area. Selected applicants should reside locally for the duration of the mentorship program.

It should be noted that this mentorship is a unique educational experience for candidates. It is NOT an internship and it is not paid. Mentees should have flexibility with outside employment in order to attend scoring sessions, other appointments and opportunities provided by the SCL in NY Mentor Program. Ability to attend sessions schedule with reasonable notice is a requirement of the program.

During the course of the three-month program, the mentees have the opportunity to interface extensively with working composers and a wide variety of professionals who generously


volunteer their time and expertise to introduce the mentees many aspects of the profession of scoring in a variety of media and genres. Activities will include seminars on various topics with working composers and other music industry professionals (among them orchestrators, copyists, directors, music editors, music supervisors, recording engineers, producers, performing rights society administrators, etc.); attendance at recording and other work sessions; scoring assignments with professional mentor feedback; and other small-group sessions with mentor composers.

Mentees (from 5-10 finalists and 2-3 alternates) will be selected to participate in the Fall term. Alternates will be invited if finalists cannot attend. 

To be considered for admission to the SCL in NY Mentor Program please use the online submission form here to submit by the deadline above the following materials:

  • 1. Mp3s of original film, television, video game, theater or advertising music, totaling no more than 5 minutes. AT LEAST ONE mp3 must be a mockup (or other electronically produced recording) demonstrating the applicant’s facility with DAW software and sample libraries.

  • 2. At least one PDF score of the same music, if available, or other printed examples of composer's notated work.

  • 3. A one-page statement of what the applicant hopes to gain from the intern/mentor experience, as well as the applicant's goals as a composer.

  • 4. A one-page resume which includes education credentials, credits, and any current or previous internships and workshops. Applicant should also note what music software he or she is proficient with.

  • 5. A VIDEO REEL (a YouTube or Vimeo link no more than five minutes total) may be included, but this is OPTIONAL and is not a requirement.

    In addition to the written application, finalists and alternates will be asked to interview in person
    during the last week of September.

    September 25th, 2017 - Fall Term Begins with Kickoff Event

  • Mid December 2017 - Fall Term Ends

    SCL Associate Members who still have questions after t horoughly reading these requirements and guidelines regarding the Mentor Program may email 

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