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HELPING ORPHAN CHILDREN MAIN PURPOSE FOR MUSIC VIDEO: Once my & Annette Tucker's new music video, "Got To Be You and Me" (our song: is produced and released on YouTube and other media, then it will be used to promote that it is A O K to A dopt O lder K ids . The overall purpose of this project is to encourage the adoption of older kids particularly in the United States. The song's message is that the future of the world is in the hands of the children who together can make a difference. It is important because it is also up to adults to raise loved, caring and responsible children who will be our future, and these adults can make a huge difference in an orphan's or foster child's life. There are so many forgotten older kids in orphanages because people don't realize how amazing and beautiful these kids can be. 
The filming of this music video will take place at Jonathan's Place, an orphanage in Garland in the Dallas area; they were kind enough to volunteer their campus and staff for the filming of this video. I hope that you will support the funding of this music project so we can all make a difference in helping kids that need a home. Go to link:
One can also donate to Jonathan's Place and here is a link:

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