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DeBreved, The Tim Davies Orchestration Blog

Orchestrator and conductor Tim Davies announces the launch of deBreved: the The Tim Davies Orchestration Blog. This new site offers a wealth of practical information for working professionals, aspiring students, and anyone else interested in a glimpse into the practice of writing for real-world ensembles. The blog draws on Davies' decade of experience writing for and leading studio ensembles. Intended to be a kind of missing manual for the orchestra, the blog focuses on information too often ignored or overlooked by traditional orchestration textbooks. Featuring plenty of real-world examples, interviews with studio players, and a dash of humor, deBreved is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to learn more about the craft of orchestration and the orchestral scoring world.

Tim Davies is an orchestrator, arranger, and conductor based in Los Angeles. His recent projects have included films (Jack Reacher, Hangover III, Smurfs 2), video games (Batman: Arkham City, Infamous 2), and work for recording artists including Amy Winehouse, Miguel and Nas. He also leads and writes for the Tim Davies Big Band for which he received a grammy nomination in 2010.

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