BMI statement on Supreme Court decision in MGM vs. Grokster

Statement by BMI president and CEO Del Bryant in the Supreme Court decision in MGM vs. Grokster

Monday, June 27, 2005

“The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision today is good news indeed for the creative community whose work has been blatantly infringed by illegal file-sharing networks. BMI, acting on behalf on its more than 300,000 songwriters, composers, and copyright holders, had urged the Court in an amicus brief to find Grokster and StreamCast responsible for the massive infringements made possible by their software.

The Court has made clear in its decision that services whose clear intent is to foster infringement are liable for the illegal behavior of third parties using their software. As the Court stated, ‘The unlawful objective is unmistakable.’

BMI has been at the forefront of licensing music for digital transmission, and this ruling today will strengthen the environment for legitimate businesses. So today, the victory is shared by the music community, innovative licensed music businesses, and consumers alike.”

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