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ROBERT ALLAIRE's score for AND THE NIGHT ILLUMINATED THE NIGHT heads to the New York Film Festival

Voluptuous Sleep, a "mesmerizing two-part 16mm meditation on the nuances of light, sound and feeling" by experimental filmmaker Betzy Bromberg, will be screening at the New York Film Festival on October 8th, 2011.


The second of the two films, And the Night Illuminated the Night, was scored by SCL member Robert Allaire and features performances by the Formalist Quartet, while Dane A. Davis, Zack Settel, Jean-Pierre Bedoyan, Pam Aronoff, James Rees, and Betzy Bromberg created the sound and music for the first film, Language is a Skin.


Graced with the almost liturgical chords of a string quartet, the second part, And the Night Illuminated the Night, brings echoes of François Couperin’s Leçons de Ténèbres (Lessons of Darkness) or the “night of the soul” experienced by the mystics—but also Nathaniel Dorsky’s reflection on the stained glasses in the medieval cathedrals, that carried “a sense that the source of illumination wasn’t outside ourselves, but that we were perhaps the source of that light, that our human experience might be compared to a luminous bubble suspended in darkness.” (Devotional Cinema)


The screening will be at the Francesca Beale Theater on October 8th, 2011 at 4:15pm. Tickets are available at:


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