ASCAP's MediaGuide and RadioWave Partner to Offer Broadcast and Internet Airplay Monitoring


Independent Artists Can Track Songs Across 2,500 Broadcast Radio Stations And 4,800 Internet Radio Stations With A Single Purchase

BERWYN, PA, June 15, 2005: Mediaguide ArtistMonitor(TM) and RadioWave Airplay Monitor have teamed up to bring a comprehensive radio information package that covers both offline and online broadcasts for independent artists. For the first time, with a single purchase independent artists and songwriters can know where their music and works are playing, who is playing them and when they are playing them across 2,500 traditional radio stations, including college, non-commercial and commercial radio; and 4,800 internet radio broadcasts, including the complete Live365.com and Shoutcast networks, amongst others.

For artists and songwriters, knowing where their music is making an impact in both the "real" and "digital" communities and amongst the DJs and fans of each is essential to building career success. In addition to the airplay information, artists can also have their music distributed to all of the RadioWave monitored internet stations and receive audience numbers of those who are plugged in during the online broadcast. On the ArtistMonitor (TM) side, artists will have contact information on all monitored college, non-commercial and commercial stations to allow the artists to target promotion efforts and follow up with stations that play their music.

"We're excited about the partnership between RadioWave and Mediaguide because, for the first time, artists will finally be able to track the full life-cycle of their releases in both the online and terrestrial radio worlds," said Andy Reich, RadioWave Monitor's founder and CEO. "Mediaguide's robust suite of artist products, offered jointly with RadioWave's feature-rich artist services, provides our subscribers with a complete range of airplay tracking tools that will give them the whole radio story." By visiting either www.artistmonitor.com or www.radiowavemonitor.com, artists and songwriters can access the joint packages that are available for either 13 week campaigns or year-long monitoring. They will then receive access to both the ArtistMonitor and RadioWave reporting systems with a single purchase. The combination of the information is limitless and can add to the power of their independent marketing efforts. Some examples could include:

- Using online audience numbers to build a story for "real-world" gigs - Mapping tours to offline markets with radio support and contacting online listeners in the upcoming areas - Driving sales with targeted messages to internet listeners - Building local market stories by asking online listeners to request songs offline in their areas - Showing A&R professionals, music supervisors and booking agents the WHOLE song story with airplay stats

"With so much access to new music for fans, the days of artists concentrating on just one area of exposure whether it be terrestrial radio, internet radio or live shows are over," states Paul E. Wright, Vice President of Music Business Development for Mediaguide. "This combination of online and offline radio airplay information helps to addresses that reality and we are excited to work with RadioWave to give artists and songwriters the tools they need to manage their marketing and promotion efforts."

About RadioWave Airplay Monitor RadioWave is the first and only airplay monitoring service designed specifically for radio stations broadcasting over the Internet, and is the leading information provider of airplay and audience detection services for the Internet radio industry.

RadioWave uses custom-built monitoring technology that provides electronic on-the-air music detection services 24 hours a day from over 4,800 online broadcasts in several markets, including North America, Europe and Australia.

Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, more information about RadioWave monitoring and reporting services can be found at www.radiowavemonitor.com

About Mediaguide Mediaguide's proprietary technology monitors nearly 2,500 radio stations across the United States 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - that's more than the combined number of stations monitored by its closest competitors. The Mediaguide Monitor platform provides music industry professionals, artists, songwriters and radio station directors with online, real-time access to the most comprehensive and cost effective radio airplay information available.

Mediaguide, based in Berwyn, PA, is a joint venture of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and ConneXus Corporation. Learn more about Mediaguide at www.mediaguide.com.

About Artist Monitor (TM) With a monitoring network that crosses college, non-commercial and commercial formats, Mediaguide's ArtistMonitor(TM) information services can support the entire lifecycle of music promotion, artist discovery and development.

ArtistMonitor (TM) provides independent and DIY artists with information and tools to more effectively manage their own careers. For the first time artists can use real airplay data about stations that matter to them to determine which key radio stations to list on their website for fans to call and request their music, map out a tour to regions and markets with key radio support, target markets for street teams and additional promotion and more accurately select markets for independent retail placement. Visit www.artistmonitor.com for more information.

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