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#8040A Using SIBELIUS with Richard Bronskill
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#8040A Using SIBELIUS with Richard Bronskill

  • Richard Bronskill has been an orchestrator and composer in Hollywood for more than 20 years, and has worked with composers such as Michael Giacchino, Christophe Beck, Christopher Young, Rolfe Kent, Mark Mothersbaugh, Chris Lennertz, Billy Goldenberg (he was quite young) and Alex North (he was very young!). After thousands of pages of handwritten scores and years of painful tendonitis in his right arm, he began working with MOTU's Mosaic, then advanced to Sibelius which he has been using quite comfortably for the last 5 years.

    This seminar is about how he uses Sibelius 6; settings and procedures that he's developed over the course of several years and many projects that optimize speed and workflow.  All users, regardless of program version or level of experience, should find it enlightening.

    • Fundamentals:
        - System & Sibelius preference settings
        - Application contents adjustment
        - Application Support structure
        - Creating user-defined shortcuts
        - What to back-up
        - Optimum Engraving Rules and All Fonts settings
    • Creating and Managing Your Score Environment:  
        - Create a template that will be the basis of all future projects
        - Usage and creation of custom Text Styles
        - Shortcuts and Word Menus
        - Wildcards, HTML code and the Score Info Window
        - Custom and hidden Instruments
        - Pros and cons of prepping parts within the score file
    • My Orchestration Procedure:
        - MIDI file import choices
        - Panorama view
        - Use of 3rd party plugins
        - Dummy staves
        - Note filters

    From Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010.

    For further information, please visit or

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