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#8037A Video Games Scoring: Working with Audio Directors
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Video Games Scoring: Working with Audio Directors

  • Four Top Video Game Audio/Music Directors discuss the technical details of working with composers. The panel is led by SCL Board member and video game composer Garry Schyman.

    Video game composers nearly always work directly with the audio director (or in the case of Sony - music director) when they score a game. Audio directors design and implement all of the sound in a game and are often responsible for the music direction and the day-to-day technical details of a composer's duties - guiding and approving the entire scoring process.

    This seminar is technical in nature, and focuses on the working relationship between the composer and audio director, detailing the entire music production process from getting hired to delivering a finished score.


    CLINT BAJAKIAN is Senior Music Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment America producing music for PlayStation games like GOD OF WAR, UNCHARTED, INFAMOUS and SOCOM: U.S. NAVY SEALS. With 18 years game industry experience, Bajakian has composed music at LucasArts Entertainment Company and his own audio production company for games such as MONKEY ISLAND, MANIAC MANSION, OUTLAWS, STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES.

    PAUL GORMAN is Audio Director for DANTE'S INFERNO at EA / Visceral Games. He has directed and produced audio content for several AAA franchises including LORD OF THE RINGS, JAMES BOND, THE SIMPSONS, STAR WARS and NEVERWINTER NIGHTS. He has been a recipient of several game industry awards including AIAS Sound Design of the Year.

    DAVE ROVIN is Audio Director for Pandemic Studios. He began his career in games in 2000 as sound lead and composer for FEAR EFFECT 2, 3, and composer for TRADE EMPIRE. At his current job as Audio Director at Pandemic Studios he has worked on titles such as FULL SPECTRUM WARRIOR 1, 2, DESTROY ALL HUMANS 1, 2, and MERCENARIES 1, 2.

    JP WALTON is Audio Director for Double Helix Games. He started in the industry nine years ago and his credits include the BALDUR¹S GATE, SILENT HILL, ICEWIND DALE, and CHAMPIONS OF NORRATH franchises as well as his current project FRONT MISSION EVOLVED for Square Enix. His awards include an MTV VMA, Gamespot Soundtrack of the Year, and an MPSE Golden Reel.

    GARRY SCHYMAN has composed music for film, television and video games. His score for the hit videogame BIOSHOCK was recognized by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences for outstanding achievement in music composition. His recent work includes BIOSHOCK 2, DANTE¹S INFERNO and FRONT MISSION EVOLVED.

    From Tuesday, October 6th, 2009.

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