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#8035A Composer & Songwriter Music Licensing Deals
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THE MANY WORLDS OF COMPOSER AND SONGWRITER MUSIC LICENSING DEALS For film, television and videogame composers and songwriters, the world of music royalties doesn't have to stop with the initial creative or package fee and the subsequent ASCAP, BMI and SESAC performance royalties. In many cases, if the composition is right and the parties know what they are doing, the stream of royalties and exposure have only just begun.

In this extended seminar, Todd and Jeff Brabec, authors of the best selling book MUSIC MONEY AND SUCCESS: THE INSIDERS GUIDE TO MAKING MONEY IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS, discussed the multi-faceted world of new music uses, the structure of the deals, the main points of negotiation and the actual dollars that are paid for all the different uses.

Areas covered include videogames, the new CD, download and streaming rates, interactive dolls and toys, ringtones and ringbacks, advertising commercials, Broadway, greeting cards, mashups, performances, foreign theatricals, motion picture and television licenses, sampling, trailers and previews, home video, remixes, karaoke, foreign country royalties and more.

The speakers are TODD BRABEC, music licensing and royalty consultant and former Executive Vice President of ASCAP and JEFF BRABEC, Vice President of Business Affairs for the Chrysalis Music Group are authors of the book MUSIC MONEY AND SUCCESS and are adjunct associate professors at USC where they teach the course on music publishing, music licensing and film, television and videogame score and song contracts.

From Tuesday, July 21, 2009.


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