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#8028A Avoiding Common Technical Mistakes in Scoring
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For composers who need to work quickly and efficiently, avoiding technical mistakes can be invaluable. This lecture will teach you how to avoid many of the common technical mistakes that can be made between landing the gig and delivering the final mix.

A wide variety of subjects will be covered, including: What about delivery requirements, stem mixes and backups? How do I know what audio equipment to buy? How do I evaluate equipment? Does the brain prefer the louder or the brighter sound? What simple conducting tip can save time during recording sessions? What does mastering mean?

Discover how a few wise decisions early on can save one from the grief of a live session coming to a halt or losing valuable data.

SCL Member JOHN RODD (lecturer), recording engineer/orchestral scoring mixer, lives in Los Angeles and has worked internationally as a recording engineer since 1989. He has worked with the best of the best in rock, pop, jazz and classical, with a particular emphasis on orchestral recording and music for film and television. John has been featured in several industry publications internationally, most recently in a feature interview in MIX Magazine.

RONAN CHRIS MURPHY (moderator), record producer/mixer, works around the globe as a producer, mixer and guitarist. His eclectic discography spans hundreds of albums and he has gained a reputation for working with some of the most prestigious musicians in the world.

Seminar presented on March 25th, 2007

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