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#8021A Writing Music for Games II
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Product Recorded May 13, 2004, at the American Film Institute.

Showcasing the extra-musical skills, techniques and production challenges faced by some of the finest composers in game music today, panelists discuss their latest game projects, from pre-production through implementation, illustrating what it takes to successfully write and produce music for interactive media.

RUSSELL BROWER ñ Composer and Audio Director, with 23 years experience in TV, film, theme parks and games. A three-time Emmy Award winner, he worked as a media designer and musical director for Walt Disney Imagineering. At the time of this seminar, he was the audio director at NovaLogic, where he scored DELTA FORCE - BLACK HAWK DOWN, among others. He addresses the issues regarding the technical implementation of game music.

LAURA KARPMAN - Composer of numerous films, television movies & series, documentaries, and multi-Emmy winner along with numerous other prestigious awards. Since she composed the music for EVERQUEST II, Laura reviews some of the challenges of composing for realtime online games.

BILLY MARTIN is a Board Member of the SCL, and an award-winning composer and songwriter who has written songs and scores for thirty games. Some of his credits include TARZAN UNTAMED, SPY KIDS 3D: GAME OVER & THE BOOK OF POOH. Billy covers techniques for songwriters in game music.

INON ZUR is an award-winning composer and producer of dramatic music for film, television and video games. Some of his credits include MEN OF VALOR, SHADOW OPS, EVERQUEST, SOCOM II, SYBERIA II & BALDURíS GATE. He discusses ways to maximize interactivity of music in games.

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