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#8018 Writing Music For Games I
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Product Recorded May 15, 2003, at the Los Angeles Film Institute.

Experienced composers, who have written for games as well as film and television projects, engage in a lively panel discussion with game developers and an agent who represents the top composers in the game business. As a group, they discuss bridging the gap between the film/television and gaming worlds, developing new techniques and technology, approaches to writing for different formats, and the business of being a composer in the world of games. Featured panelists include:

RUSSELL BROWER - Composer, Audio Director/Novalogic. MICHAEL GIACCHINO - Composer "Medal of Honor" (games), "Alias" (TV). BILLY MARTIN - Composer "Treasure Planet" (games), "Entertainers" (TV). DANNY PELFREY - Composer "Star Trek" (games), "American Dreams" (TV). BOB RICE - Agent/Four Bars Intertainment. SCOTT SNYDER - Audio Director/Atari (Atari is releasing "Enter the Matrix" game on May 15th). JACK WALL - Composer "Myst III: Exile" (games), Senior Director/Game Audio Network Guild. Moderated by GREG O'CONNOR-READ - Journalist, Director/

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